Hydraulic cylinders - HRBN Series

HRBN Series

Hydraulic cylinder, double acting auto locking.

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Hydraulic cylinder, double acting auto locking, HRBN serie

Double acting selflocking hydraulic cylinders series HRBN, Patent : PCT / FR01 / 02030, ISO seals, Working pressure : 200 Bar, Bores Ø25 ... 200 mm

Hydraulic cylinder, double acting auto locking, HRBN serie
Auto-Locking Cylinders

Auto-Locking Cylinders

No flashing during injection.

HRBN has been specially developed according to the requirements of mold manufacturers. Designed for use in injection molds and die casting, it reduces the costs of mold design and machining.

The HRBN incorporates a mechanical and automatic locking which avoids the use of a complementary lock. Thus it simplifies the construction of the molds.

The construction of the HRBN is very rigid, and allows, after a correct assembly, to have a stable production and an increase of the yield. This type of cylinder can be used in other areas and solves a lot of problems.

In summary, the HRBN is a hydraulic cylinder with integrated clutch for locking at the end of the stroke.

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